Analög Ragnarök – Allegiance To Forgotten Blood

Limited Edition Cassette



1. Elegiac – Hang Me on the Mighty Ash
2. Elegiac – Wings of Ostara
3. Wintaar – Intensity of Thine Disgrace
4. Wintaar – Towards the Downfall
5. Wintaar – Where the Winds Carry the Breath of Evil
6. Nyctophilia – Descent Into Mysteries Beyond
7. Nyctophilia – Fullmoon in Starlight Forest
8. Venymysgourvleydh – Battle of the Tides

In conspiracy with Sacrificial Sounds.

“Allegiance to forgotten blood brings forth four separate nations of common origin and unites them in a celebration of ancient and powerful heritage.

From the rocky shores of Vinland, forests of Poland, Ural Mountains of Russia and coasts of Kernow you are brought over an hour of reverence for nature, blood, soil, and culture.

May this offering bring you closer to the Old Ones and revive the memories of your ancestors long forgotten.” – Hrukjan

Art by Vhan Artworks

Released November 6, 2021